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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v3.4.0
    - Add MPHF to the Python extension
    - provenance:
      - Add support for Hive partitioning on sha1_git column
      - Remove remaining references to topological_order_dir
      - Replace .csv.zst output with .parquet
      - Compress paths with zstd
      - Order rows in final files by the column they will be queried on
    - Move find_frontiers_from_root_directory to frontier-directories-in-revisions
    - Make dependency on 'arrow' optional, even when 'dataset-writer' is
    - docs: Fix reference to SWHIDs
    - webgraph: Set RUST_MIN_STACK to avoid stack overflows
    - naive client: add max_matching_nodes for neighbors method
    - Add timestamp and is_full_visit bit to ori->snp edges' label
    - Update webgraph
    - Fix task dependencies
    - Switch LLP compression step to use the Rust implementation
    - Fix sort_batch_size and input_batch_size values being swapped in
      'permute' and 'transpose' commands
    - transform: Log computed configuration
    - Rewrite PopularContentPaths in Rust
    - Misc. fixes and code improvements
  • v3.3.1
    * permute-and-symmetrize: Sort arc lists in parallel
    * rust and java: Enforce max_edges *before* traversing edges
  • v3.3.0
    * Rewrite most dataset generation scripts from Java to Rust
    * Make most dataset generation scripts produce sharded files instead of
      a single .csv.zst that cannot be processed in parallel
    * Improve ergonomics of Rust library
    * Switch some early compression steps to Rust (BV, BFS,
    * Replace Athena with datafusion
    * Finish Rust rewrite of the gRPC server (but Java remains the default)
  • debian/3.2.1-1_swh1
    swh.graph Debian release 3.2.1-1~swh1
  • debian/upstream/3.2.1
    Upstream version 3.2.1
  • v3.2.1
    * Remove unnecessary copy of contentIsSkipped
  • debian/3.2.0-1_swh1
    swh.graph Debian release 3.2.0-1~swh1
  • debian/upstream/3.2.0
    Upstream version 3.2.0
  • v3.2.0
    - Migrate to copier, PEP420 and pyproject.toml based packaging.
    - Provenance: add timestamps to directory_frontier and
  • debian/3.1.0-1_swh1
    swh.graph Debian release 3.1.0-1~swh1
  • debian/upstream/3.1.0
    Upstream version 3.1.0
  • v3.1.0
    159f5343 · Print the end of the log ·
    * Prevent timestamps in node properties from being shifted according to the timezone WriteNodeProperties is being run in.
    * Add scripts to generate an index for swh-provenance
    * Raise an error when RemoteGraphClient URL is wrong
    * Fix DeprecationWarnings in http_client
    * http_rpc_server: Remove duplicate request
    * Properly handle empty results in HTTP client
    * compress: Hide traceback on subprocess exception
    * Print the end of the log
    * java utils: add Mph2Cmph to convert from java to rust version of MPH files
    * initial skeleton to ship a rust crate
    * Implement the first Rust data structures
    * codespell: move excluded word list from toml to precommit conf
    * Add example BFS implementation
    * added Node2Type, its tests, and an bin to convert the .node2swhid.bin file to the new .node2type.bin
    * Avoid silencing exceptions thrown by worker threads
    * Document how to run Luigi tasks
    * luigi: Add missing output files to ExtractNodes.
    * luigi, docs: MAPS step does not depend on LLP
    * luigi: Increase MPH_LABELS memory allowance
    * Tune MPH maximum memory to avoid OOMs
    * Honor JAVA_HOME when locating the default Java binary
    * Avoid concurrent updates to ProgressLogger
    * Fix missing 'sha1' column for contents with no path
    * Skip loading the forward graph
    * Allow zstdcat more memory
    * Print corrupt records
    * Prevent flake8 from finding issues in build/ directory
    * Migrate to copier-based swh-py-template
    * Move the jar under swh/graph so we can get rid of deprecated "date_files" in setup
    * Fix documentation build
  • debian/3.0.1-1_swh1
    swh.graph Debian release 3.0.1-1~swh1
  • debian/upstream/3.0.1
    Upstream version 3.0.1
  • v3.0.1
    * origin_contributors: Fix deanonymization and tests
  • v3.0.0
    Breaking changes:
    * Use CRLF in output CSV instead of LF
    * FindEarliestRevision: switch from TSV to CSV and rename columns
    * origin_contributors: Add final task checking integrity of the dataset
    * origin_contributors: Change table format/layout to be more compact,
      improve performance, add contribution years
    Minor changes:
    * Match swh-dataset's rename of 'object_type' to 'object_types'
    * luigi: Make grpc API globally configurable, and remove the default value
    * Bump requirements on protobuf
    New derived datasets:
    * Import the "blobs datasets" (license, citation) generation script as a
      luigi workflow
    * Add scripts to find the most popular name(s)/path of content nodes
    * Add script to count the total number of paths to any node
    * Add ListEarliestRevisions, which computes the earliest revision of all dir/cnt objects at once
    New features:
    * Export naive_graph_client and remote_graph_client fixtures in pytest plugin
    * Add INITIAL_ORIGIN and FORKED_ORIGIN to example dataset
    * Make example dataset available for other modules
    * Add export_{started,ended}_at to Stats response
    * Make Luigi tasks declare their RAM usage (and auto-tune when possible)
    * Add support for compressing the graph with only some node types
    * Add step stamp to each step's list of output files
    * Add support for making the graph dataset name differ from the export name
    * Display log path in error messages
    * Add a script to count paths leading to each node
    * TopoSort: Default to DFS instead of BFS
    * TopoSort: Add support for running forward
    * luigi: Add an option to define the maximum RAM used by graph compression
    * Move the doc for the example dataset to its own page
    * Include the representation of the example dataset in the documentation
    * Add some more style to the example dataset graph
    * Remove the figure from the example dataset documentation
    * docs/compression: Fix inaccuracies in the dependency graph
    * DownloadGraphFromS3: Fix incorrect docstring
    Bug fixes:
    * getMessage: Fix crash on origins with no URL property
    * luigi/misc_datasets: Fix _clean_s3_directory() when directory is empty
    * Add a flyweight copy() to SwhGraphProperties to make it threadsafe
    * FindEarliestRevision: Fix crash on revisions with no committer timestamp
    * compressed_graph: Fix data race to .obl files in Transpose command
    * Check in constructor instead of size64()
    * NodeIdMap: Fix incorrect implementation of size64()
    * TopoSort: Fix discard of the last node while looking for leaves
    Performance improvements:
    * FindEarliestRevision: Run traversals in parallel
    * FindEarliestRevision, TopoSort: Use Apache Commons CSV
    * luigi/compressed_graph: Tune -Xmx per task
    * TopoSort: Various optimizations
    * assembly: Remove some transitive dependencies from the final uber jar
    * luigi: Rewrite compression pipeline as small Luigi tasks
  • debian/2.2.0-2_swh1_bpo10+1
    swh.graph Debian release 2.2.0-2~swh1~bpo10+1
  • debian/2.2.0-2_swh1
    swh.graph Debian release 2.2.0-2~swh1
  • debian/2.2.0-1_swh1_bpo10+1
    swh.graph Debian release 2.2.0-1~swh1~bpo10+1
  • debian/2.2.0-1_swh1
    swh.graph Debian release 2.2.0-1~swh1