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* Prevent timestamps in node properties from being shifted according to the timezone WriteNodeProperties is being run in.
* Add scripts to generate an index for swh-provenance


* Raise an error when RemoteGraphClient URL is wrong
* Fix DeprecationWarnings in http_client
* http_rpc_server: Remove duplicate request
* Properly handle empty results in HTTP client


* compress: Hide traceback on subprocess exception
* Print the end of the log


* java utils: add Mph2Cmph to convert from java to rust version of MPH files
* initial skeleton to ship a rust crate
* Implement the first Rust data structures
* codespell: move excluded word list from toml to precommit conf
* Add example BFS implementation
* added Node2Type, its tests, and an bin to convert the .node2swhid.bin file to the new .node2type.bin


* Avoid silencing exceptions thrown by worker threads
* Document how to run Luigi tasks
* luigi: Add missing output files to ExtractNodes.
* luigi, docs: MAPS step does not depend on LLP
* luigi: Increase MPH_LABELS memory allowance
* Tune MPH maximum memory to avoid OOMs
* Honor JAVA_HOME when locating the default Java binary


* Avoid concurrent updates to ProgressLogger
* Fix missing 'sha1' column for contents with no path
* Skip loading the forward graph
* Allow zstdcat more memory
* Print corrupt records


* Prevent flake8 from finding issues in build/ directory
* Migrate to copier-based swh-py-template
* Move the jar under swh/graph so we can get rid of deprecated "date_files" in setup
* Fix documentation build