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- Add MPHF to the Python extension
- provenance:
  - Add support for Hive partitioning on sha1_git column
  - Remove remaining references to topological_order_dir
  - Replace .csv.zst output with .parquet
  - Compress paths with zstd
  - Order rows in final files by the column they will be queried on
- Move find_frontiers_from_root_directory to frontier-directories-in-revisions
- Make dependency on 'arrow' optional, even when 'dataset-writer' is
- docs: Fix reference to SWHIDs
- webgraph: Set RUST_MIN_STACK to avoid stack overflows
- naive client: add max_matching_nodes for neighbors method
- Add timestamp and is_full_visit bit to ori->snp edges' label
- Update webgraph
- Fix task dependencies
- Switch LLP compression step to use the Rust implementation
- Fix sort_batch_size and input_batch_size values being swapped in
  'permute' and 'transpose' commands
- transform: Log computed configuration
- Rewrite PopularContentPaths in Rust
- Misc. fixes and code improvements