Refactor deposit cli and some other improvments

This is actually many folds:

  • actual fix on the service document deposit cli which no longer happened.

  • fix cli to separate dependencies perimeter (admin cli, deposit cli)

  • improve the admin cli:

    • to allow more information to be set on the user (provider-url, domain)
    • add a user existence check on the cli (which is used in the docker-env now)
  • improve the user creation cli:

    • add a fallback collection name when not provided to the user name (which matches the current production data)
  • fix some setup configuration issue for the docker-env (allowed-host, etc...)

  • use a global logger in deposit cli

  • migrate the schema model to use simpler schema (Choice instead of table)

There remains (outside the scope of this diff) to:

  • update the documentation about the cli changes
  • update the debian packaging which is most probably broken
  • drop the now unneeded makefile (which was prior to the docker environment use and update the hacking-started on swh documentation)
  • deploy those changes (beware the migration model change!)

Related #1581 (closed)

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