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Bootstrap elastic worker node and extra work

import-puppet-module: Make script more resilient when failure occurs

  • New repository can use other branch name than 'master', so now we can provide that name (e.g. 'main')

  • When issues happen when importing the repository for the first time, it becomes difficult to try again without having to tamper with the forge. So this now allows to pass along flags to make multiple calls eventually work without having to do everything from scratch [1]

  • [1] Example call:

python bin/import-puppet-module \
  --default-branch main \
  --repo-id 257 \
  --no-clone \
  • Finally, Add the puppetlabs/zfs_core module

Related to T4144 Related to infra/puppet/puppet-swh-site!510

Test Plan

infra/puppet/puppet-swh-site!510's test plan

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