Add job to build docker images impacted by a new swh release

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This opens a new job build-docker-images to allow impacted docker images to (re)build after a new release.

For now, the job is triggered manually. [1]

In effect, it compulses the list of impacted images to rebuild (out of module and version tuple). Then, in parallel (or optionally sequentially), build those docker images (lifting the existing build-docker-image job).

Finally, in swh-charts, commits a change about the new image versions to use and pushes as a MR. That MR is to be reviewed by sysadm. They can merge it in staging and check the behavior is appropriate. Once it is ok, they can merge it in production too. If it's not ok, they can revert the commit.

The job can be triggered as a dry-run job [2] so no commit nor docker images are pushed in their respective repository or registry.

Note that only the actual 'push and open' instruction has not been tested yet. All the remaining part has been developed and checked locally (with docker-compose) in dry mode.

Ref. swh/infra/sysadm-environment#4724 (closed)

[1] 2023-06-23_11-32-22

[2] 2023-06-23_11-32-03

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