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Add git directory loader to ingest git tree at specific references

Antoine R. Dumont requested to merge add-git-directory-loader into master

This provides the method fetch_artifact. This clones a repository at a specific branch, tag or commit and ingests the DAG objects from the resulting directory tree.


  • Bump loader.core for an evolution and a fix [2]
  • Reuse loader.core.tests' fetch_nar_extids_from_checksums
  • Adds tests on the loader directory ingestion (notably failing cases + other nominal case on various distinct commit, tag, branch)
  • Declare the new celery task

Refs. swh/meta#4979 (closed)

Depends on swh-loader-core!469 (merged)

[2] Depends on swh-loader-core!471 (merged)

Co-Authored: Antoine Lambert

Edited by Antoine R. Dumont

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