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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v0.0.6
    0f2eaba9 · Refactor functional tests ·
    Add more query filters and code refactoring
    Add filters for LatestVisit, LatestVisitStatus, SnapshotBranch
    and DirectoryEntry.
    Fix pagination bug in visit status.
    Code refactoring.
  • v0.0.5
    add uvicorn in requirements
  • v0.0.4
    - Add type hints to archive and search modules
    - Return none for missing snapshot in a visit status
    - Add revision object as a possible directory entry target
    - Add a directoryEntry entrypoint
    - resolvers: Initialize backends in base classes for node and connection
    - Rename 'type' field to 'targetType' in the schema
    - Raise InvalidInputError on an invalid SWHID input
    - Remove the option to use a WSGI server
    - Remove unused middlewares package
    - Add a centralized error handler
    - Remove hard-coded object ids from functional tests
    - Enable cors for the asgi server
    - tests: Add some missing unknown object tests
  • v0.0.3
    - Add revision log field in the revision type
    - Add logic to handle multiple alias redirects in a Snapshot branch
    - Add alias type to the branch target
    - Integrate with swh-search and add a search entrypoint
    - Add missing fields to the Content object
    - Add the possibility to search using a SWHID
    - Move flask test server to session scope
    - Add missing functional tests for release target, directory, revisions, ...
  • v0.0.2-2
  • v0.0.2-1
    6239be87 · Drop Makefile.python ·
  • v0.0.2
    - Makefile.local: Add targets to allow image build and push through ci
    - Add type annotations for base_connection
    - Refactoring: clean up unnecessary code
    - tests: Refactoring functional tests
    - Add error handling for pagination input arguments
    - Add functional tests for the release node
    - Add Snapshot, Content and Directory objects as target in branch
    - Set connection object as the parent of all its item nodes
    - docs: Improve doc strings and inline documentation
    - Fix the bug while running wsgi app
    - Add a schema type for handling binary strings
    - Use swhid instead of SWHID in the schema fields
    - Add copyright text to source files
    - flake8, pre-commit, tox: Align configuration with other swh modules
  • v0.0.1-1
    Support for config files
  • v0.0.1